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First of all thank you’ s are owed to all who volunteered their time, sweat, and tears this fall season that started back in May for some, August for some, and seems like eternity ago for others of us who never let this end.  Please continue to support our program in any way you can.  Volunteers are the engine that makes this thing go and we are proud of our kids and what they can learn and accomplish through team sports. 

Congratulations to all of our age group champions:

U8 Boys - Tim Pilarski's White team had a great season and capped off with a terrific tournament.  Great job!

U8 Girls - SJA Hounds coached by Pat Walsh also had a great season and strong finish in the tourney. 

U10 Boys - SJA coached by Emily and Gordie Hamman had a great run in the tournament and won a thrilling, hard fought game with against Colin Hill's boys.  Good season for both teams and congratulations to all.

Our other rec age group teams competed in inter-league play with some of our partner rec councils and represented us well.  This is a great opportunity to expand the playing field and we plan to continue our partnerships as needed.

Our travel teams had an amazing end to their fall seasons as well with 5 winning Fallston Cup Championships.  I am sure more than a few of the "club" teams at this tournament left wondering who the heck we are and have a newly formed respect for our program and our kids.  Congratulations to all of these teams for their season long effort and hard work.  Special shout outs to:

U9 Girls Division Champs (Gabby Tana)

U10 Girls Finalist (Jim Campbell)

U12 Gilrs Division Champs (Abbey Campbell)

U15 Girls Division Champs (Jim Rugg)

U8 Boys Semi-Finalists (Mike Lance)

U12 Boys Division Champs (Sam Tana)

U13 Division Champs (Matt Lazenby)

Get involved next year and help us continue this tradition of excellent competition and sportsmanship!  Thank you coaches, managers, and parents for the gift of time and the opportunity to work with children and future leaders of our community.


Soccer Board




Player Safety


To All in our soccer community-

Please speak to your kids about the importance of player safety as we are getting closer to the end of our season.  We have had an excellent health record to date and it is vital that we stress this moving forward.  I have witnessed several cases where there were issues and have spoken to players, and coaches about how we play the game here at CMRC.  We will be speaking with the kids about this issue and appreciate reinforcing this at home.

Awareness of others around you is one of the things that leads to accidental contact and is something our kids will improve on as they grow as players.  There are times when this is unavoidable and we as soccer people understand that it happens in our sport and can have extremely unfortunate results.  Our #1 priority is to provide a safe, learning environment and help grow the game we love in our community.

Intentional contact with the intent to harm will not be tolerated on any level at CMRC and repeat offenders will be removed from the program.  Please encourage your kids to learn, develop, and play the right way. 

If you have questions about this or want to report good or poor behavior please approach any of our board members and we will do our best to address the situation.


Soccer Board

Coaches and Volunteers


Please see the Background Check directions in the Policies section of the site.  All volunteers must submit in order to be eligible.



Many of our travel and club teams participated in tournaments this past weekend...some highlights include:

CM U13 Boys were finialists at the Gettysburg Battlefield Blast but finished 2nd.

CM U10 Girls compiled a 5-1 mark in Gettysburg as well and finished third.

BSC U10 Boys won at LTSC Challenge Cup

Lots of other solid results too...great job to all and special thanks to the parents who supported these teams all weekend

REC Teams are being set and coaches should be reaching out to teams so be on the lookout for emails from them as they start communicating practice shcedules etc.  Game schedules to be released ASAP!

Thank you to all who made the extra effort to attend the evaluations on the 23rd.  Was very helpful...special thanks to the many volunteers who made that night possible.


For the 2017 / 2018 Season we will be offering the following age levels, in alignment with US Soccer’s age requirements:

  • For our Hot Shots Program, we will keep the ages 4-6 in tact with little to no impact of the new US Soccer age changes.
  • For our In-House teams we will still be offering a combined (2) age years of play.
    For in-house, we will offer U8 (to include U7 &U8), U10 (to include U9 &U10), U12 (to include U11 &U12) Divisions.
    • Note: as same as last year, this season our U7 in-house Program is now combined into the U8 Group

Registration Cost:

  • Hot Shots - $100/ participant
  • In-House - $100/ participant
  • Travel - $105/ participant (Plus Team Costs)

Click here to register!


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